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The best way to prepare for the Australian citizenship test is by taking many sample tests. You can memorize most of the information as you go, without ever having to read the actual textbook. Click here to start your first test, and simply return to the same page to take more tests. New questions will be loaded every time. Results will be shown at the end of each test.  In the results, you will be told where in the textbook you can find the related information. Only instead of pages, we use the system of factsheets: we separated the entire Australian citizenship textbook into 100 factsheets and every question is related to a factsheet. You can find all the factsheets on this page.

You can also read the official textbook online, topic by topic, on our site. The textbook, “Australian citizenship, our Common Bond” has three mandatory parts, – you can see them in the menu on the right.

  • Promising allegiance to Australia is the idea of the Australian citizenship oath

    Australian citizenship oath

    This is the text of the Australian citizenship pledge, that you will be required to pronounce when you become a citizen. Start practicing Click on the link below to listen to the pledge pledge_australian_citizenship Google+

  • Provincial, Federal, Local? What do different governments do iN Australia

    Governments and their responsibilities

    As you may or may not know, a whole page (No 24) of the official Australian textbook “Australian Citizenship – Our Common Bond” is dedicated to the responsibilities of different types of government. You can expect questions about that to appear on the real test. We already include several questions about this topic in our […]

  • test your knowledge of Western Australia

    Check your knowledge of Western Australia

    Although most of these questions are not part of the official citizenship test in Australia, we think it is only appropriate, for those residing in that State, to know more about their new home. Which is why we prepared a “Test your Knowledge of Western Australia” quiz which can be completed right here. The Official […]