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If you think that you are a total beginner, it’s best to read the official textbook, Discover Canada, first. You can do it online, chapter by chapter, and you can take a chapter-specific test after you complete each chapter. Once you are ready with all the 10 chapters and all tests, you can take a Canadian Citizenship Test Simulation. You can take as many tests as you need by simply returning to the same page. New questions will be loaded automatically.  If you already know a lot about Canada, try a Test Simulation first.

  • testcanada2014

    Canadian citizenship test 2014

    The Canadian citizenship test is essentially a test that is sorted out for the individuals who are ready to take the next leap and try to further their life and join a new country, for reasons known to them. To plan for the citizenship test, you will require a few archives to get enlisted for […]

  • Canadian_citizenship_exam_2014

    How to Prepare for a Canadian Citizenship Test

    Canadian citizenship is one of the most admired citizenships today. For one to become a permanent citizen of a particular country, they are required to have basic information on topics such as the rights, duties and responsibilities of a citizen, the election and voting procedures and the power of a constitution. Thus, the Canadian citizenship […]

  • Passing the citizenship test can be a challenging experience

    Canadian citizenship test

    The Canadian citizenship test is the last step towards becoming a Canadian citizen under the eyes of the law. After a citizen ship test has been passed new citizens will undergo a citizens ship ceremony where they will officially be sworn in as Canadian citizens. In order to qualify to take the test you must […]

  • Failed Canadian citizenship test?

    Failed your citizenship test?

     Starting June 2013, all those who fail their citizenship test, get one more chance to write it. As you know, before, you only had one chance, and if you failed, you would have had to wait for a interview with a citizenship judge, which could take months. It is unclear how fast you  will receive […]

  • testcanadatest

    Easy Ways to Clear the Canadian Citizenship Test

    Apart from the requirements of age, language fluency, a clean criminal record, permanent address and so forth; the Canadian citizenship test is an important step forward towards being a Canadian citizen. One of my friends, whom I consider to be a smart guy, failed the citizenship test in his first attempt. This led me to […]

  • Canadian passport is now valid for 10 years

    Your new Canadian passport
    is now valid for 10 years

    Just passed your citizenship test and already made your solemn promise to Her Majesty? Your next step is to obtain your brand new Canadian passport. The great news is that starting July 2013, you will only have to renew it every 10 years. The new Canadian passport will have more pages, will be electronic, and […]

  • The official Canadian citizenship test manual

    Discover Canada now available in audio format

    Too busy to read? From now on, you can download the official textbook, Discover Canada, as an audiobook. This is a great option if instead of reading, you prefer to listen to the former Governor-General, the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, – among other people, – reading it for you. Definitely a nice time saver – […]

  • Citizenship ceremony is for those who pass their citizenship test successfully

    The Importance of the Canadian Citizenship Test

    In order to become an official Canadian citizen, whether as an immigrant, or as the spouse of a Canadian, you will be required to take and pass a short citizenship test. The text in no way is a test of your mental agility, your IQ, or indeed your overall intelligence level; it was until recently […]

  • Canadian citizenship test includes several questions on History and Geography

    Taking the Canadian Citizenship Test

    The Canadian Citizenship Test was the subject of controversy a few years ago when the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenny decided to re write the test based on Canadian History, and according to some opposition a skewed vision of Canada. Their complaints though were largely silenced once the actual test came about. To […]

  • On the way to Canadian citizenship

    If the land of the maple leaf is where you want to spend the rest of your life, you are probably thinking of getting a Canadian citizenship. An immigrant can apply for Canadian citizenship after residing for 3 years in the country. Passing the citizenship test would mean that you get to vote and you […]